Website Development

Our team of highly experienced Joomla, Wordpress, Magento and other high user friendly CMS Programmers working hard to cater your needs. We provide digital services for companies that want to flourish online. For us, website development is not only developing the perfect application for your website, it is also about ensuring seamless user experiences based on your bespoke specifications and requirements.

Our website development team are focused on getting you the results you need for your website, working in combination between the design team and the technical support team to develop the best websites for each individual client. Our experts will use their wealth of experience to develop a seamless and efficient website application that will have visitors coming back again and again.

Throughout the consultation process we can also advise you on the best services and products, and how to maximise the return benefits of your new or redeveloped website. When you work with us, from the very beginning, our team will work tirelessly to ensure that your website is developed to specification, on-time and in budget. Then once your site goes live, we can continue to support your online development by ensuring that you have access to top rated digital marketing.

What our Website Development Team do

  • Develop a detailed strategy on how to best develop your website
  • Review existing content and provide in depth analysis
  • Create and deliver applications to aid the growth of your business
  • Provide on-going support in the management of your website

After the initial consultation phase, the Whizzhire Web Designers website development team quickly develop a first release. Our process of website development is test orientated, which ensures we can offer of clients the best value for money without wasting time or resources on multiple presets of website specifications. By testing the website regularly, our development team can quickly identify snags and glitches. These tests can also be used to produce suggested specifications that can show you how to maximise the efficiency of your website. Our team will also set you up with the tools to maintain and update your website and advise on any on-going support needed.

Types of Website Development We Offer

  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Crowd-funding and Crowdsourcing Platforms
  • Inventory and Stock Management Facilities
  • E-commerce Systems

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. The difference between us and other website companies is that we really care if you succeed, and we understand having a professional and functional website that matches your brand is one key diver of success. Our website development team can help you choose the tools that will most benefit to manage your site, improve its functionality and help you generate extra revenue.