Email Marketing

We are a digital development and marketing agency that provide seamless online solutions. We are one of the leading Email Marketing agencies, and provide companies and businesses with the digital services they need to succeed and grow online. Email marketing is an efficient way of maintaining contact with your clients, while at the same time promoting your business. By using email marketing, you can quickly reach out to targeted markets without the need for high cost advertising campaigns like television or radio.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Less time, effort, and expense than standard printed mail campaigns
  • Campaigns can be personalised to individual customers using our software
  • Email marketing makes it easy for customers to share information, promotions or offers with friends and family
  • Campaign ROI (return on investment) is often very high can be tracked using our software
  • Email marketing is reported as second only to online search engine marketing in effectiveness
  • Our team can reach a large number of subscribers who have registered their interest in areas similar to those of your business.
  • Over half of online users and customers check their emails daily
  • Targeting of potential customers with personalised, innovative and targeted messages

What We Do For Your Business

Our dedicated team of online marketing experts will employ our bespoke, sophisticated email marketing software to deliver several strategic marketing campaigns aimed at increasing your revenue and sales. We have an extensive list of potential clients who have registered their interest in market segments, who we can further target to help grow your customer base. We can also develop an email marketing campaign that will engage existing customers to renew their interest in your company and services, and grow their loyalty with your brand.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Welcome Letters: These campaigns can provide useful information about your company to new enquirers, as well as requesting information about the customer to build a greater understanding of prospective clients.

Product or Service Announcements and Promotions: These campaigns can provide information to existing contacts on new products or services that you are offering.

Newsletter Campaigns: These campaigns provide the perfect opportunity to inform customers of developments within your business. These types of campaigns help build brand awareness.

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